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Commercial lot in Horsham, PA


This project started with the removal of the paver circle at the front of the building. Once the pavers and sand was removed, stone was installed to bring the area up to grade for new asphalt. A 3” compacted layer of binder was installed in the circle. The remainder of the parking lot was then milled to a depth of 1.5” and swept clean. After some base repairs were completed, the lot was tack coated and the paving began. The placement of approximately 1550 tons of asphalt was done at a 1.5” compacted thickness. The lot was then striped and finished. This project was over 17,300 square yards of milling and paving.


I would like to thank you and everyone else that worked with you.  You guys did a great job, it looks awesome. I could not be more pleased with the project.  You and your guys had a challenging week of weather and the finished product really turned out fantastic.

Shenna R.

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