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5 Damaging Effects of Your Heat on Your Parking Lot

As the weather grows warmer, you must be aware of the potential impact on your parking lots. Heat can significantly affect asphalt surfaces, leading to issues and costly repairs if not addressed promptly.

In this article, we will explore the challenges heat poses to parking lots and offer insights on mitigating its damaging effects.

#1. Cracks and potholes

One of the primary concerns with heat is the expansion of asphalt surfaces. Asphalt is sensitive to temperature changes- when it rises, it causes the asphalt to expand.

This expansion can cause the surface to buckle or develop cracks and potholes, compromising the integrity and aesthetics of your parking lot. Additionally, increased stress on the asphalt causes it to expand and contract repeatedly, leading to accelerated deterioration. Repeated stress can weaken the pavement structure, causing potholes, cracks, and premature aging.

#2. Fading and oxidation

The sun's UV rays can cause the asphalt color to fade over time, making your parking lot appear dull and worn out. Additionally, the heat accelerates the process of oxidation, whereby the asphalt binder loses its flexibility and becomes brittle.

This can result in cracks, raveling, and further deterioration of the pavement. To counteract these effects, regular maintenance and protective seal coating are essential.

#3. Drainage issues

Heat also affects the effectiveness of drainage systems in parking lots. When temperatures soar, the ground beneath the asphalt can become softer and more susceptible to deformation.

This can cause issues with the parking lot's grading and drainage, leading to standing water and further deterioration of the pavement. Ensuring proper drainage becomes crucial to prevent damage from heat-related issues.

#4. Water damage

Without adequate drainage, standing water in the middle of the parking lot can result in water infiltration and permanent damage to the foundation.

This is usually the case in the spring and summer, when the rains are frequent. If you have puddles in your parking lot, you can reach out to professional contractors to slope the surface of the asphalt. That way, water won’t be able to seep into these cracks the next time it rains.

#5. Weakened foundations

When too much UV rays seep into the asphalt, it can damage and weaken the foundations, causing permanent damage. Regular maintenance, timely repairs, and protective measures like seal coating and proper drainage are crucial in mitigating the damaging effects of heat.

Fix your damaged parking lot today

By understanding the challenges posed by heat and implementing proactive measures, you can protect your investment and extend the lifespan of their parking lots. Remember, a well-maintained parking lot enhances the curb appeal and ensures a safe and functional space for visitors and customers.

Oakes Paving is a name you can trust for your asphalt paving needs. From resurfacing to paving an entirely new parking lot, we have the experience and expertise to deliver quality services. Contact us today!

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