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Driveway Maintenance Tips

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Your driveway is an aesthetic feature and a huge investment that must be protected at all times, even though the high foot and vehicle traffic and elements make it quickly susceptible to damage.

How do you use your driveway without damaging it?

As a leading asphalt paving company in Doylestown, PA, we understand your situation. Use these driveway maintenance tips to ensure a long-lasting driveway that always looks beautiful.

Prevent cracks

Water can find its way into your asphalt driveway, causing it to crack. You can prevent this from happening by sealing your driveways every few years.

Also, cut down nearby trees that can push up their roots from beneath your driveway and cause it to crack.

Repair cracks

Cracks can be ugly, dangerous, and worsen into bigger issues. If they eventually appear, it’s best to fix them immediately as they are easy to repair at this stage.

You can patch hairline cracks using a sealer. Larger cracks should be cleaned by removing loose materials and debris before patching them.

Protect the edges

Driveway deterioration can begin from the edges, which are very vulnerable. Thus, avoid driving or parking on the edges of the driveway.

Weed-proof matting edges are an effective and affordable method to keep your driveway in place.

Reduce water from driveway

Water damages asphalt and should not be on your driveway for long to prevent cracks and potholes. Having proper drainage can prevent pooling on your driveway.

Also, your driveway should be installed to prevent water from pooling around the corners and edges of your driveway.

Sealcoat your driveway

Freeze-thaw cycle and the seasonal climate changes can cause considerable damage to your driveway.

Sealcoating it every few years protects your driveway from severe weather, heavy usage, and chemicals such as gasoline and oil, ensuring it lasts for a long time.

Regular cleaning

Every month, sweep or rake away leaves, soil, rocks, and other debris that can cause stains and accidents from your driveway.

Gasoline, paints, oil, and motor fluids can stain and diminish the aesthetics of your driveway and damage it. Apply stain removers or degreasers as soon as you notice chemical spills to increase your driveway’s lifespan.

Carry out regular inspection

It’ll cost you nothing to take a few minutes to inspect your driveway every month.

During inspections, be on the lookout for issues such as cracks and holes, and make sure to patch them up immediately.

Also, pay attention to the edges to ensure they’re in excellent condition. If you spot any issues, contact a Doylestown driveway paving expert immediately for thorough inspection and repair.

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