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Everything to Know About Salting Your Driveway and other Pavements

Salting the driveways and pavement is essential to preparing for winter, snow, and ice and avoiding slippery surfaces. Even though salt can be a very effective method of de-icing the floor, it is essential to consider the type of surface you want to use the salt on because salt causes damage to surfaces like concrete. Acquainting yourself with a knowledge of asphalt and concrete and what de-icing method to use is equally important.

When should you salt your pavement and driveways?

Salting your driveways before snowing is recommended as it will be more effective in melting any ice that falls on it. Salting before it snows is best because it’ll help melt ice and snow faster by melting it from beneath the surface, making it difficult for it to stick.

What type of pavement surface is good for deicing salt?

If you have a concrete surface, it is not advisable to use salt for deicing as it will cause more harm than good in the long run. This is because salt is acidic and wears out concrete surfaces. Asphalt is the ideal surface as the salt damages the material much less than it does others, like concrete.

How to adequately apply rock salt on your sidewalk and driveway

You can apply rock salt on your driveways after scraping a good portion of ice and snow off the floor surface. Proceed to spread the rock salt evenly on the path or driveways; the spreading can be done using a shovel or a scoop.

Why you should consider using eco-friendly deicer

It is essential to use eco-friendly deicers because they have less of a negative environmental impact than rock salt. Using eco-friendly deicers would protect your pets and your landscape.

When should you use a residential pavement service?

It is wise to consider a residential pavement service when you have considerable pavement space. Here, it’s easy to get it wrong by trying to do it yourself. A professional pavement company can help you with the correct asphalt installation, as their years of experience in the industry make them more qualified than anyone to carry out the task. Additionally, the right residential pavement service will help to avoid injuries and save you the stress involved in the process.

Things to consider before you salt your pavement

Before going on to salt your pavements, it’s important to understand certain facts:

Salt does not deteriorate asphalt

Asphalt is generally engineered to withstand the thaw-freeze cycle, so it doesn’t get damaged or affected by salt or other deicing agents.

Salt causes damage to concrete

Salting causes severe damage to concrete as they freeze very quickly, and salt is quite acidic, such that it can break down the bonds that hold the concrete together.

Salt can be harmful to the environment

Although salt is beneficial in preventing winter-related accidents, it is very harmful to the environment.

Do you need asphalt paving services?

Do you need residential and commercial paving services in and around Doylestown? Contact us Oakes Paving. Whether you need a new driveway to resurfacing an existing one, we’ll provide services that meet all of your needs.

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