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Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Parking Lot Paving

One of the best ways to give customers a strong first impression of your business is having a well-paved and well-maintained parking lot.

At Oakes Paving, we offer commercial paving services to all kinds of businesses in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, ensuring their parking lots send the right message to new and existing customers. If you’re interested in a new parking lot construction or maintenance, we’ve answered some of your frequently asked questions. Read on.

Which material do you use?

Several materials can be used to pave your parking lot. However, many choose asphalt over concrete and other materials for many reasons. First, asphalt is cheaper and has a quicker installation time, making it less disruptive to your business. Also, it has more aesthetic value, thanks to its sleek, black look. It’s also a lot easier and less expensive to maintain and repair.

Can you lay a new parking lot over an existing one?

Yes, installing a new parking lot over an existing one is possible. But because asphalt needs a solid base to last long, the existing surface must be in excellent condition and be able to support a new surface for many years. Our asphalt expert will assess your existing surface and recommend the best action.

What methods do you use?

If the sub-base is solid enough, we can remove the top asphalt layer without disturbing the sub-base instead of laying fresh asphalt over the existing layer. We’ll then use the removed asphalt to make a new one. This process is known as milling. Aside from being eco-friendly, it also saves time and reduces installation costs.

What method do you use if the base is not strong?

If the existing parking lot has a weak base, we’ll use pulverization. This involves ripping up the existing asphalt surface with the base underneath, which is then graded and compacted to make a new solid surface. Finally, a special tar mixture is used to give a smooth surface.

Is the amount of traffic important in parking lot paving?

The amount of traffic your parking lot will receive plays a huge role in determining the thickness and strength of your pavement.

Will your parking lot see a lot of traffic Mondays through Fridays? Will you have heavy-duty trucks frequently picking up and delivering materials? Or do most people visit your office on foot? This information will enable us to design the right asphalt strength for your parking lot.

How do you make sure the parking lot is flat and smooth?

After pouring the asphalt, the next stage of installation involves the use of a steam roller to compact the asphalt. This helps to remove air pockets and voids, making it flat, smooth, and long-lasting. Sealcoating then follows, giving your parking lot a dark, shiny, beautiful finish. Finally, striping your pavement will eliminate chaos and make it easy for people to navigate your parking.

How do I ensure my asphalt parking lot lasts long?

Factors such as the quality of installation, sub-grade quality, how often it is used, weather conditions, and so on determine the longevity of a parking lot. Your asphalt parking lot can hold up for between 25 and 30 years and even longer if there’s proper maintenance practice.

So after the installation, you should make repairs and fix cracks as soon as they appear. Also, best maintenance practices such as seal coating can protect your parking lot and help extend its lifespan. Not to worry, our experts can help draw up a personalized maintenance plan for you.

Need more information about our commercial parking lot services? Reach out to us at 215-297-8311, and we’ll be glad to help.

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